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posted : Wednesday, June 8, 2011
title : SYIOK !!
hai. waa lama da xupdate blog. kay, today xde banyak eita sgt so im bored. obviously la kan. hurm, since it a school holiday, aq dok rumah la dgn my annoying brother ni la. nothing much to do. kerja rumah tak sentuh pon. so, padan la kalau kne mara. hehe. i know my blog isn`t cool as yours so xyah la ktuk2 kay. nanti aq da pandai guna benda alah nie aq cantik2 kan lagi kay. followers? from april till june : one follower. never mind. kalau boleh follow la kay. im not hot i know but i wanna be friend with everybody and anybody. i will update this blog other time kay. bubye. thanks for reading <3